We believe that home is a place of strength and energy. Aesthetics and beauty in it are as important as function - together they fill and create comfort and quality of life.
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Our projects
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 90 sq m.
Year: 2021.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.
Area:125 sq m.
Year: 2021.
Location: Lesniki, Ukraine.
Area:350 sq m.
Year: 2021.
Our services
Design Project
This is the first step towards implementation. It gives an understanding of how the future object will look like, how much it will cost and which tasks should be completed in order to implement it.

Cost: from $35/sq.
Term: 2.5-3 months.
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Author’s supervision
This is assistance from the authors of the project in implementation at the construction stage. The goal is to implement our plans as accurately as possible for a reasonable price and within a clearly specified time-limits.

Cost: $350-400/month.
Term: about 6 months.
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Architectural design of the cottage
We help to create a concept of a future home with the necessary technical documentation. We work in two stages: a preliminary design and a working one.

Cost: from $25 / two-stage design.
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Selection and filling of the interior with decorative elements (textiles, curtains, paintings, planting of greenery etc.) according to the approved budget and stylistics.

Cost: contract price, depending on the project tasks.
Term: 2-4 weeks.
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Real Estate Counselling
Analysis of the pros and cons of your options, help with making a decision. We make redevelopment options with placement of furniture.

Cost: from $500 (when comparing two objects).
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Eleonora Fartosyuk
The best team! Our appeal to you and investment in the design of the apartment was the only right decision. Creative success for you! And by the way, the renovation of the children’s room, according to the updated version, is almost finished) I will send a photo report)
This month we celebrated 2 years in our apartment, we still love everything in it! Thank you for that.
Thanks to Alexey and his team for the implementation of the project! All our desires were heard and wishes for redevelopment were taken into account, details, which need to be considered in implementing, were announced! Thanks again and recommend Dvoetochie as a great team!
Thanks to the Dvoetichie team for the project. All wishes were heard and several options for implementation were proposed. Most of all, I liked the redevelopment option, which made it possible to use the space of the apartment as efficiently as possible.

Oksana Bezhenar

1. professionalism
2. great taste
3. the most accurate drawings of the project (which greatly facilitate the work of builders) The most important point! YOU will not find this anywhere (verified by personal experience)
4. knowledge of materials and their characteristics
5. absolute rapport with the customer
6. all projects have a SOUL

Victoria Artyushova

It was comfortable to work with Oleksiy, Alina and Artem. I liked that our ideas and wishes were not rejected and criticized immediately. Alternative options were offered and already on the basis of comparison, taking into account ergonomics and design, it was possible to make the most successful choice. It is also nice that we have met the promised deadline, because it is very important for us. Yesterday, we received our design project, now, all that is left is to implement it with the help of builders and under the supervision of Dvoetochie. We - RECOMMEND!

Andriy Podanenko

We thank the Design Studio Dvoetochie and the furniture manufacturer Jaco for a wonderful bookshelf in addition to the atmosphere created in our house.
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