Architectural project of the cottage (AP)
Cost: from $25 (two-stage design).
Term: from 3 months.
  1. Meeting-acquaintance
  • Meeting-presentation of our services, we tell how everything will happen
  • Meeting acquaintance with customers. Analysis of stylistics, needs, lifestyle, values
2. Conclusion of a contract
  • Technical assignment (fixing your wishes)
  • Signing a contract
3. First stage - Draft design.
The development of project documentation for the stage of draft design of the architectural solution brand - an architectural design with a planning and visual solution.

  • Advance payment 50%
  • Planning solution
  • Landing on the master plan
  • Visual solution for facades
  • Advance payment 50%
  • Technical solution (plans, cross-sections, facades)
  • Album in A3 size - 2 copies
Cost: from $10.
Term: 1.5-2 months.
4. Second stage - Working draft.
The development of project documentation for the WD stage Working design of the AC brand (architectural and construction solution) - an architectural and design project with all the technical solutions required for the construction of a cottage).

  • Advance 50%
  • Assignment for geodesy and geology
  • The task for the designer to work
  • The assignment for the work of components suppliers (plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, heating)
  • Technical solutions for the architectural part (masonry plans, ventilation duct sweeps, nodes of abutment, cuts, facades, roof design)
  • Advance payment 50%
  • Technical solutions for the structural part (foundation, overlay, beams, lintels, roofing, staircase)
Cost: from $15.
Term: 1-1.5 months.
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