Selection and filling of the interior with decorative elements (textiles, curtains, paintings, planting of greenery etc.) according to the approved budget and stylistics.
Cost: negotiable, depending on the tasks of the project.
Term: 2-4 weeks.
  1. Meeting-acquaintance. Presentation of our services, we will tell you how the work will be structured.
  2. Analysis of the tasks of decoration and stylistics.
  3. Contract and payment.
  4. Creation of a concept collage.
  5. Selection of fabrics for sun protection solutions (curtains, louvers, tulle).
  6. Selection of textiles (bedspreads, blankets, pillows, bed linen).
  7. Selection of decor and dishes.
  8. Selection of planting greenery.
  9. Selection of paintings, carpets.
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