Design Project
This is the first step towards implementation. It gives an understanding of how the future object will look like, how much it will cost and which tasks should be completed in order to implement it.
Cost: from $35/ sq m.
Term: 2.5-3 months.
  1. Meeting-acquaintance
  • Presentation of our services, we tell how everything will happen
  • Acquaintance with customers. Analysis of stylistics, needs, lifestyle, values.
2. Conclusion of the agreement
  • Terms of reference (fixing your wishes)
  • Directly conclusion of the contract
At the very beginning, we fill out a technical task with the customer, in which we fix the basic wishes for the functional content, technical nuances and stylistic wishes for the future interior.
3. Planning solution
  • Advance payment 33.3%
  • Laser measurements
  • 3D layout
At this stage, we will present 2-3 redevelopment options with furniture placement. We provide information on a 2D plan and also make a 3D layout. This gives an idea of the future space.
4. Visual solution
  • Advance payment 33.3%
  • Collages of premises
  • Selection of finishing materials
  • Room visualization
The visual part is done in two stages:
Stage 1 - room collage using visual selections and selected materials as an example.
Stage 2 - visualization by premises in the 3D STUDIO MAX program. 2-3 angles in all premises.
5. Technical solution
  • Advance payment 33.3%
  • Electrical coordination
  • Set of drawings for builders
  • Specifications (plumbing, furniture, lighting, appliances, finishing materials, electrical fittings)
At this stage, we provide a full-fledged set of drawings necessary for repair and construction work and furniture filling of the interior. In the drawings, statements are drawn up for finishing, lighting, plumbing and furniture items.
6. Commissioning of the project
  • Two copies of an A3 size
  • Electronic version in PDF format
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